JACKIE is an actress, photographer, and goofball. That is me. She is I. See photo for reference. 

What I would love is for you to have as much fun as I'm having taking your photo.

If you're willing to play, we're going to have a great time. I want to capture whatever you want to share - whether you're dramatic and outrageous, or just like to keep things simple. It's all about you, and if you feel good, I've done my job. Photography is my passion, so the more creative your idea for our shoot the better - from engagements to branding sessions to ironic family portraits in turtlenecks and bowl cuts with your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 


An example of my:

Standard Portrait Package

  • Three Looks
  • Unlimited use of Props
  • Private Online Gallery 
  • Four Retouched Images
  • Photographs that Express YOU 





  • ‘What’s a look?’

    • A ‘look’ refers to an outfit or overall appearance. A change look therefore refers to a change in outfit or overall look. Each look should be a different representation of you, that way we can capture as much of your personality as possible in our shoot. 
  • ‘What do I even say when I contact you?’

    • Preferably, hello! And just be yourself, tell me about you. And then, of course, let me know what kind of session you’re looking for and what your preferred days of the week/times are for a shoot. We can maximize what you will get out of your session if you have a clear idea of what you’d like in your photos. 

  • 'Okay, I am on board to have some fun! How do we book this thing?'

    • Woo! Let's play. First: it is true, I shoot outdoors. Other people spend time outdoors. If you can book a weekday, we'll have less of them to deal with. Please let me know where you are traveling from, and if you have any particular locations you’d like to play with. We will figure out a location that’s best for your shoot based on what you’re looking to get out of it. Similarly, if you have access to an indoor space you’d like to use, I am all for it! This includes your own apartment, fire escape, roof, parents’ pied-a-terre, brother’s girlfriend’s friend’s art studio - you name it.
  • ‘But Jackie, the weather is so unpredictable! What happens if it rains/snows/thunders with the wrath of Zeus on our shoot date?!’

    • We'll keep any eye on that as we near your requested shoot date. If it’s not looking good for us, we will indeed have to reschedule to the next available date. But rest assured, our shoot is going to happen!
  • 'What's the difference between my edited proofs and retouched images?'
    • Your edited proofs will be a collection of the best photos from our session - a.k.a., the photos that remain after I spend a few (genuinely) fun hours deleting all your blinks, mid-yawns, and sneezes. Once I've narrowed our shoot down to a reasonable gallery, I will color correct the images and do some basic editing. The images you request to be retouched get extra attention and love. This is where I go in and smooth out those pesky little details - you know, the things only you notice about yourself that you want gone without anyone knowing they ever existed. During this time, I work to make the image really POP! As you can see from my images, I edit with the notion that my subjects should look human. Where they're natural-feeling candids or dramatic commercial portraits - at the end of the day, you want a picture that looks like you.